Recognising and Promoting Staff Expertise - the UKPSF, HEA Fellowship and institutional CPD Frameworks

In the context of published data on staff teaching qualifications, this talk will explore the distinction between a teaching qualification and being qualified to teach. With a large number of acceptable but often incompatible qualifications in a HESA return, it will suggest that recognition against the descriptors in the UKPSF has the potential to be a more widely understood and therefore more meaningful construct.
The talk will focus on the value of HEA Fellowship as a nationally recognised and portable asset. It will set this in the context of institutional strategies for supporting all staff who teach and support learning, and explore sector movements in this area.


Recognising and Promoting Staff Expertise (PDF)


Richard Brawn, Higher Education Academy

Richard BrawnRichard Brawn is Deputy Head of Teacher Excellence at the Higher Education Academy. He has oversight of development of the Academy’s accreditation service to promote best practice in teaching and learning support in the UK HE sector.
He was central to the development and publication of the revised UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) in 2011, and organises and delivers national events designed to promote the use of the Framework.
In the past two years he has led an Academy team working closely with 22 UK institutions in their design of comprehensive staff development schemes in the area of teaching, learning and assessment. He is active in the Academy’s international work, promoting the idea of regional Professional Standards Frameworks and institutional teaching and learning  support provision.
Prior to joining the Higher Education Academy, he was a senior manager and Director of Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the Graduate School of Education at Bristol University, where he was also the Director of the University’s teaching and learning support provision for all staff.
He has provided teaching and learning-related consultancy in numerous institutions (UK and international) and has published in the areas of science and medical education, learning technologies and academic staff development.


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