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The Search for King Richard III - Press Updates

Check regularly for new information and resources from the archaeological dig at Greyfriars

Dig site

A simple blood test could be used to detect breast cancer

University of Leicester leads study to determine whether DNA in blood could show early signs of cancer





Sculpture in the Garden 2012: 'Interesting Times' - 1 July to 28 October

The University of Leicester's annual sculpture exhibition will be held once again in the Botanic Garden

'Targeting genes for therapy in neurodegenerative disease' and 'Sex and the single yeast' - 09 October

GENIE Public Engagement Lectures to be given by Dr Flav Giorgini and Professor Rhona Borts

'Deciphering molecular clues to better understand human neurodegenerative disease' - 16 October

A Professorial Inaugural Lecture to be given by Professor Ruth Luthi-Carter, Department of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology


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