CANCELLED: Conscious Uncoupling and the ties that still bind: Ireland and the UK after Brexit

Series Name Peace talks
Speaker Dr Piaras Mac Éinrí
Type Conferences
When 18 Mar 2020, 04:30PM - 06:30PM
Venue Room L66 (Fielding Johnson, 2nd Floor)
Open To Public
Ticket Price Free
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The departure of the UK from the EU is now a fait accompli, even if much remains to be negotiated before the details of a long-term relationship are settled. It is also already clear that the links between the Republic of Ireland and the UK will change dramatically. The Republic’s continuing membership of the EU will require strict adherence to agreed EU rules concerning the four freedoms which lie at its heart - the movement of people, goods, capital and services – as well as the other policy and legal fields constituted by the EU.

Nevertheless, the strategic links between Ireland and the UK will not be broken fully. In some respects, a form of ongoing cohabitation will continue. The realities of geographical contiguity and a complex, multi-stranded set of historical, cultural, legal, social, political and familial links will not change. Neither will the challenge of maintaining an open border and a peaceful island. Finally, the Common Travel Area, guaranteeing freedom of movement and certain other rights for citizens of both jurisdictions, will remain.

This lecture will explore the implications of potential conflicts between these regulatory systems, notably for migration management and the maintenance of the peace process on the island of Ireland.

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