Crimes against humanity in the EU’s migration policy: facing the inconceivable

Series Name Peace talks
Speaker Dr Juan Branco
Type Conferences
When 29 Jan 2020, 04:15PM - 05:45PM
Venue L66 Fielding Johnson Building
Open To Public
Ticket Price Free
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In June 2019, Omer Shatz and Juan Branco submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) the fruit of a three year investigation, a 250-page document determining that crimes had been committed by high-ranking officials and political leaders of the EU, in the framework of the migratory policies adopted in the Mediterranean. The submission to the ICC argued that the acts in question qualified as crimes against humanity under the Rome Statute, opening the way to international prosecution. Dr. Juan Branco, who has also worked at the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC, will provide an overview of the investigation and the process leading to the submission to the ICC.

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