Peace talk: Living in Hostile Environments: Illegality Assemblages and Ever

Series Name Peace talks
Speaker Prof Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham)
Type Lectures & Talks
When 23 Oct 2019, 04:30PM - 05:00PM
Venue L66 Fielding Johnson Building
Open To Public
Ticket Price Free
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Drawing on over ten years of research with undocumented youth, children and parents in the UK (and Europe), this paper offers a critical phenomenological perspective of the production of ‘illegality’ and how it shapes the lives of undocumented migrants in different localities. It develops the concept of ‘illegality assemblage’ to capture the interplay and interdependence of different factors, contexts and scales in defining the opportunity structures within which the lives of undocumented migrants unfold. This approach offers a useful framework for the development of comparative research on how ‘illegality’ is constructed, maintained and experienced in different contexts.

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