Images of Research Roadshow

Images of Research Roadshow

Series Name Doctoral College Week
Type Arts & Entertainment
When 22 Mar 2019, 09:00AM - 01:00PM
Venue Studio One, Upstairs
Open To Public
Ticket Price Free
For Bookings Contact Kelly McCormack 0116 373 6490

Following a successful exhibition in December 2018, our Images of Research event is taking some of the prints on tour! To check out the follow pictures in A1 form, head to the Attenborough Arts Centre on Friday 22 March and drop into Studio 1 up the stairs between 0900 and 1300.

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Martha Papadopoulou, One Picture Two World (Judges' Prize Winner)
Mandi Jamalian Hamedani, In Search for Inner Peace (Katherine May People's Choice Winner)
Olga Yegorova, #NIUNAMENOSBOLIVIA - WE WANT US ALIVE (Judges' Prize Runner-up)
Kate Gooch and Georgina Barkham-Perry, Finding Hope in a Hopeless Place (People's Choice Runner-up)
Jan Vandeburie, Reading Between the Lines
Eleni Ganiti, Contemporary Art?
Seth O'Neill, Achille's Heat
Amy Van Allen, Life in the Andes
Eva Krockow, Line Up and Take note: Interdisciplinary research can be fun
Yewande Okuleye, Hemp Seeds in Safe Hands

Previous attendees of the exhibition have commented:
“Thanks for organising this……there were many interesting pieces”
“Thank you again for this nice competition and for organising everything!!”
“What a nice surprise!”

Why not make a day of it and attend our visit our College Poster Final Competition before and Cafe Research Event following?
To read more about our #dcweek read here

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