Where is the medicine in cannabis-based medicine?

Where is the medicine in cannabis-based medicine?

Series Name College of Life Sciences research lecture
Speaker Dr Yewande Okuleye
Type Lectures & Talks
When 03 Jun 2019, 05:30PM - 06:30PM
Venue Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre, Henry Wellcome Building
Open To Public
Ticket Price free
For Bookings Contact Danni Benyon-Payne, dmrbp1@le.ac.uk

Synopsis: The re-medicalisation of cannabis has been mainly driven by patient advocacy since the early 1990s. However, it was the high-profile, media campaign mounted in June- July 2018, for 12 – year old Billy Caldwell, which proved to be the game-changer. The main crux of the debate centred on Caldwell retaining the right to use his medical cannabis treatment regime prescribed in Canada, on his return to the UK. The intervention of Sajid Javid, the newly appointed Home Secretary led to a review of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. By November 1st, 2018, medical cannabis was re-classified to Schedule 2 and it could be prescribed by specialists for certain conditions. This talk highlights how the meaning of cannabis –based medicine is contested and asks about the implications for patients and medical providers.

Bio: Yewande Okuleye is an interdisciplinary scholar in biochemistry and history of medicine. Having worked as a chemist for The Body Shop, she has focused on framing scientific, cultural and social meanings of ‘natural’ with the lay public as well as scientific and well-being sectors. Her recently completed PhD thesis, Tracing Patient and Scientific Expertise and the Emergence of Cannabis Medicine in the UK (1992- 2017), investigated how different stakeholders negotiated the barriers and opportunities to develop cannabis medicine. Her research indicated that the stigma and misunderstandings associated with cannabis drug and an unstable lexicon for cannabis medicine continues to be a barrier, to the emergence of medicinal cannabis in the UK.
Yewande is a member of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM), a member of the Educational Advisory Committee and lecturer on the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis, where she has delivered lectures internationally.

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