Alternative Rites of Passage: interdisciplinary responses to FGM/FGC

Alternative Rites of Passage: interdisciplinary responses to FGM/FGC

Series Name Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies
Speaker Speakers from Kenyatta and Egerton Universities, UK academic experts, and Kenyan NGOs
Type Courses & Workshops
When 09 Mar 2018, 10:00AM - 02:00PM
Venue Room tbc
Open To University staff and students
Ticket Price Free
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Alternative Rites of Passage (ARP) have become increasingly popular in countries such as Kenya, as part of campaigns to eradicate FGM/FGC. ARP is touted by NGOs and international donors as an alternative to female initiation into womanhood, but without female genital mutilation/cutting. In these ceremonies and the instruction that usually precedes them, girls’ human rights (mainly to life, health, education, protection) and cultural rights (manifested in teachings and ritual elements that aim to mimic the cultural traditions of the community concerned) are intertwined in one social space. ARP is one element of longer-term strategies that include community education, health policy and practice, awareness-raising, the empowerment of girls and women, and law enforcement.

As part of our contribution to International Women's Day, LIAS is hosting an interdisciplinary workshop to:

1. Discuss how to develop future interdisciplinary research on ARP

2. Put together a bidding consortium to seek external funds for such research

3. Put together a research team that draws on scholarship from both the UK and Kenya

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