Why Ideas Matter

Series Name Lectures & Talks
Speaker Professor Jennifer Clegg
Type Lectures & Talks
When 04 Dec 2017, 02:30PM - 04:30PM
Venue Room 409 (Garendon Room), Charles Wilson building, University of Leicester main campus
Open To Public
Ticket Price FREE
For Bookings Contact Carl Gudgeon, cmg16@le.ac.uk 0116 223 1639
This seminar explores the importance of imagining six impossible things before breakfast (Carroll/Deleuze). It will invite you to sit with paradoxes, notice the Anglo-American preference for brightsiding (always look on the bright side of life) and wonder about how challenging ideas from Europe might gain more space. There will be examples, tools for thinking, and opportunities to pick up and examine some prickly little hedgehogs that lurk alongside your path.

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