ImageJ/Fiji workshops

Series Name Centre for Core Biotechnology Services
Speaker Dr Kees Straatman
Type Arts & Entertainment
When 14 Dec 2017 - 15 Dec 2017
Venue College Court
Open To Public
Ticket Price Academic Fees: 1 day £75.00; 2 days £135.00
For Bookings Contact Dr Kees Straatman 0116 229 7085

The workshops are focused on anyone (scientist and non-scientist) who want to use ImageJ/Fiji to analyse their imaging data.

During the first day you will get an introduction into the use of the ImageJ/Fiji menus, plugins and macros for digital image processing focused mostly on biological examples. The second day is focussed on the ImageJ macro language used for automations in imageJ/Fiji. During this day you will create macro code to analyse images.

Experience with ImageJ is not required, but a basic understanding of the use of a computer/laptop is an advantage.

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