Love Run

Love Run

Type Arts & Entertainment
When 14 Feb 2016, 10:00AM - 02:00PM
Venue Victoria Park, Leicester
Open To Public
Ticket Price £5 adults (£7 on the day), £3.50 under 16s (£5 on the day)
For Bookings Contact To book: To contact:

Joined at the Hip: Joggers pair up for charity ‘Love Run’

Some say the course of true love never runs smoothly, but the Students’ Union plans to change all of that by hosting a unique fun-run designed to really get the heart racing.

Love Run, will take place at 11.30am in Victoria Park, Leicester on the national day of romance, Sunday 14 February – or Valentine’s Day as its better known, to raise funds and awareness for Childreach International Charity.

Runners will be tied loosely together at the waist with a ribbon to someone they love, whether it is a partner, friend, family member or colleague to complete a 2.5k or 5k course running, jogging or walking. Individual runners can be matched with a fellow jogger or they can choose to run take the challenge on solo.

The event, organised by the University of Leicester Students’ Union Childreach team in collaboration with the University’s Running and Athletic Club and First Aid Society, is being held to raise funds and awareness for the charity who has helped over 750,000 children in over 10 countries have access to some of the opportunities and amenities we are privileged to have in the UK. You can see some of their life changing work here:

Naomi Galliford, Student Development Manager and event organiser at the University of Leicester Students’ Union, said: “This event is a fantastic opportunity for people to spend time with their loved ones whilst getting fit and healthy and raising money for charity all at the same time.

“All Joggers will wear ribbon and those in pairs will be loosely tied together at the waist with ribbon, solo runners with also get the ribbon and we encourage everyone to wear red or pink tops to be identified as part of the Love Run community as we make history with this new event.”

Money raised will go towards the University of Leicester Student Union team’s plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in August 2016 to raise further funds for the children’s charity.

Adult tickets are available prior to the event for £5 (£7 on the day) and £3.50 for children under 16 (£5 on the day).

Participants will need to register between 10-11am on the day of the event.

To purchase tickets and for more information including times, visit:

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