SATURN - SATellite applications for URbaN mobility - Road Show 2015

Series Name SATURN
Type Conference
Starts at Sep 16, 2015 10:00 AM
Ends at Sep 16, 2015 04:00 PM
Venue University of Leicester campus, LE1 7RH
Open To Public
Ticket Price Free

SATURN (SATellite applications for URbaN mobility) project is a large-scale demonstrator of innovative solutions using satellite information to address the challenges of mobility, congestion, transport safety and security that growing cities are facing.

Working in collaboration with Bordeaux Metropole authorities, partners from United Kingdom, France and Poland have devised new approaches and technologies to combine city and regional open data with that from emerging European space programmes for Earth Observation (Copernicus) and EGNSS (Galileo).

The University team developed a router and positioning system for HGVs which was tested in Bordeaux, France in July 2015. They planned a journey from the centre of Bordeaux to the outskirts, where transport hubs are normally situated and ran the application for two types of vehicles to calculate the best route avoiding unsuitable roads for the height, weight and high of the vehicle. The local authorities of Bordeaux had then the opportunity to assess the benefits and possible improvements of the app to further adapt it to the local conditions, such as low overhead tram wires which may present a hazard to road traffic.

Now, on the 16th September, the University of Leicester will host the inaugural Roadshow for SATURN where an innovative geo-information platform and four demonstrator solutions are set to be showcased.  We will demonstrate the functionalities and capabilities of the HGV router and positioning system to the local authorities of Leicester and Leicestershire.

Other SATURN partners will present their innovations which span a diverse range of solutions for a better urban mobility in expanding cities:

  • Implementing a regionalised GEO-information platform able to provide comprehensive information set on the global land-cover over the regional territory;
  • Using Urban Atlas for the evaluation of urban density and for better transport policy decisions;
  • Improving road infrastructure safety and maintenance using Satellite Copernicus data;
  • Using UAVs  for the inspection and monitoring of road lanes and infrastructures.

These applications and services demonstrate the use of satellite technologies and earth observation data in support of the emergence of regional geo-information platforms and new services for the mobility of citizens.

Prof Paul Monks said: “Using space to to provide innovative solutions for better mobility, less congestion and more safety on urban roads is critical.  We have shown that it is possible to more safely route HGVs through the urban fabric”.

The SATURN Roadshow is organised in collaboration with the Leicester and Leicestershire Freight Quality Partnership, and is supported by EMBRACE, the East Midlands Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence. It is a free event with limited spaces. To register, please go to

The Roadshow will then travel across Europe, with stops in Toulouse and Warsaw. It will culminate in Bordeaux, where SATURN partners will demonstrate the GEO Platform and the applications at the World ITS Congress in October 2015.

For further queries please contact Prof Paul Monks or Dr Teresa Raventos

SATURN is coordinated by Aerospace Valley (FR) partnering with the University of Leicester (UK), Fly-n-Sense(FR), CEREMA(FR), ARTAL (FR), Capital High Tech (FR),  IGIK (PL) and Heller (PL). This project has received funding from the European Union’s action entitled "European Mobile and Mobility Alliance (EMMIA) 2013-105/g/ENT/CIP/13/C/N03C03 – Development of demonstrators using the information from Copernicus, the European observation programme, and signals from Galileo and EGNOS, the European GNSS" under Grant Agreement no SI.680449.

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