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'Casting a light on the Earth from space: How we use satellite observations to help understand the world we live in'

Series Name Leicester Physics Centre Public Lectures 2015: The International Year of Light
Speaker Neil Humpage
Type Arts & Entertainment
Starts at Nov 19, 2015 06:30 PM
Ends at Nov 19, 2015 07:30 PM
Venue Lecture Theatre B of the Physics & Astronomy Building
Open To Public

For over fifty years, satellites launched into space have provided a unique viewpoint from which to observe the environment in which we live. As well as improving our understanding of the natural world, the satellite era has allowed us to observe, on a global scale, a period of environmental change unparalleled in history as a result of human activity. This talk will discuss how Earth observation techniques harnessing a wide range of different wavelengths of light have evolved over the years, and how we use these measurements to advance our abilities to forecast the weather, respond to natural disasters, and to monitor and assess our ever-changing impact on the environment.

The lecture will occur on Thursday 19th November at 18:30 in Lecture Theatre B of the Physics & Astronomy Building.

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