‘Inheritors or Wonderboys? On Creativity, Talent and Cultural Selection’

Series Name Department of Media and Communication
Speaker Professor Mark Banks
Type Lectures & Talks
When 25 Feb 2015, 04:00PM - 05:30PM
Venue Bankfield House Seminar Room on 132 New Walk, Leicester
Open To Public
For Bookings Contact Jonathan Ong (jco10@le.ac.uk)

While people have capacities, the gifts of ‘talent’ and ‘natural aptitude’ cannot be distinguished from the social contexts in which they are defined and made manifest. Human talents exist in potentia – and are strongly contingent upon the kinds of socialisation that allow such capacities to be developed.

This paper argues that in the cultural industries workplace, even if we accept that ordinary people might possess particular creative talents, there is no guarantee that such attributes will be recognised or given opportunities to become cultivated or flourish – because entrenched patterns of inequality tend not to permit it.

Yet this paper mainly explores how the discourse of talent serves to cast a convenient veil over some exclusive and unequal systems of arts and creative industry education; ones based on selections that favour the favoured, and attribute grace to the graceful - so pervasively undermining the very equalitarian structures they claim to support.

Speaker's Bio

Mark Banks is Professor of Culture and Communication in the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester. His research focuses on the cultural industries, most recently involving studies of musicians’ working lives, subjectivity and intensity; he is currently writing about art schools and creative education, talent and inequality.