55th Annual Bennett Lecture: 'Life, death and resurrection in the late Palaeozoic'

Series Name 55th Annual Bennett Lecture
Speaker Professor Jennifer A Clack, University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge
Type Arts & Entertainment
Starts at Mar 17, 2014 06:00 PM
Ends at Mar 17, 2014 07:00 PM
Venue Bennett Lecture Theatre 1
Open To Public
Ticket Price Free
For Bookings Contact Gail Andrews on 0116 252 3921 or ga16@le.ac.uk

The 55th Annual Bennett Lecture will take place on 17 March 2014, to be delivered by Professor Jennifer A Clack, Professor and Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology, University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge.

Professor Jenny Clack will talk about the origin of tetrapods with limbs and digits which is now fairly well represented by fossils from the Late Devonian of 360 mya. Of the three taxa for which articulated skeletal material exists, all have multi-digited limbs and show a range of primitive and fish-like characters. At the end of the Devonian, a mass extinction wiped out many vertebrate groups, resulting in a faunal turnover. The following 15-20 million years however are represented by very few fossils. When abundant tetrapod fossils are next found, in the late Early Carboniferous, they were modern in aspect, had pentadactyl limbs, and filled a wide range of ecological niches. The period immediately following the end of the Devonian is now beginning to be understood, as a result of new finds in newly recognised localities in southern Scotland and northern England. These will help us piece together the causes and consequences of the mass extinction, how terrestrial life was re-established, and how essentially modern ecosystems were built.


Starting at 6.00pm in Bennett Lecture Theatre 1. For more information and free tickets contact Gail Andrews on 0116 252 3921 or ga16@le.ac.uk