'Spontaneous re-reading: does looking back enable greater understanding of text?'

Series Name Lunchtime Lectures
Speaker Laura Lantz
Type Lectures & Talks
When 13 Jun 2014, 12:00PM - 01:00PM
Venue Leicester Adult Education College, 2 Wellington St, Leicester City Centre
Open To Public
Ticket Price Free
For Bookings Contact Duncan Stanley, duncan.stanley@le.ac.uk, 0116 229 7644

Reading is crucial for functioning in everyday life. During reading the eyes move along each line of text in order to acquire information from a page. Substantial previous work has been undertaken into understanding the forward movement of the eyes during reading, but little is known about what happens after the eyes have moved back in the text (during the process known as re-reading).

Re-reading is very common in skilled readers, and certain groups show increased levels of re-reading (i.e. younger readers, people with reading disorders), suggesting that re-reading may be an important process for successfully understanding text.

In this Lunchtime Lecture, Laura Lantz, a postgraduate researcher from the School of Psychology, will look at what aspects make re-reading important and what happens when re-reading is denied.

The Lunchtime Lecture series takes place Fridays, 12-1pm at the Leicester Adult Education College, located at 2 Wellington St, near the city end of New Walk. The lectures are delivered by current University of Leicester postgraduates and are open to the public, so there is no need to book, just come along on the day.

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