'The In-Betweeners: Unrepresented Consumers in Marketing Theory and Practice'

Series Name ESRC Seminar Series on Marketplace Exclusion: Representations, Resistances and Responses
Type Lectures & Talks
Starts at Jan 20, 2014 10:00 AM
Ends at Jan 20, 2014 04:00 PM
Venue Stamford Court, University of Leicester
Open To University staff and students
Ticket Price Free
For Bookings Contact For more information contact Professor Mike Saren at majs1@leicester.ac.uk

Part of the ESRC Seminar Series on Marketplace Exclusion: Representations, Resistances and Responses

One paradox of the marketing concept is that it is predicated on the notion of the universal consumer as 'sovereign? , yet in marketing there is an empirical focus on a fairly limited set of dyadic conceptual dimensions as the basis for most consumer research studies. For example:

  • buying vs. experiencing;
  • decisions vs. emotions;
  • the individual subject as averse to communal subject;
  • psychological vs. the social;
  • ontological vs. symbolic;
  • positivist vs. interpretivist research orientation
  • quantitative vs. qualitative research methods.

Many consumers and aspects of consumer behaviour are captured by all these types of research approach. Crucially however, some fall in-between or outside these parameters which normative consumer research and marketing theory fails to capture.

This first seminar will explore the exclusionary tensions in marketing theory and practice which lead to certain types of consumers and behaviours falling in-between normative categories and the mechanisms through which individuals and communities are excluded from the resources and opportunities provided by the market.

Keynote Speakers will include:


  • Prof. Yiannis Gabriel, (University of Bath) and Dr Lizzie Nixon (University of Nottingham)
  • Mandy Early (York University, Canada)


  • Jamie Peatte, (Director of Planning and Insight, Mcann Erickson Manchester)

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