ImageJ/Fiji workshops

ImageJ/Fiji workshops

Image analysis using ImageJ

Series Name CBS
Speaker Dr Kees Straatman
Type Arts & Entertainment
When 14 Apr 2014 - 15 Apr 2014
Venue MSB
Open To Public
Ticket Price £55 one day, £90 two days
For Bookings Contact Kees Straatman;;0116 2297085/2522263

ImageJ is a public domain image processing and analysis program written in Java and is freely available from the internet and used by many scientists to analyse their (microscopy) images. Fiji is an ImageJ release specifically focussed on analysis of microscopy images. Two one day ImageJ/Fiji workshops will be organized by the Advanced Imaging Facility: 'Introduction to ImageJ' on 14 April and 'Writing macros in ImageJ' on 15 April 2014.

The workshops are focussed on cell biologists who want to use or have started to use ImageJ but are not sure how to make best use of it. In the first workshop I will introduce basic menus, macros and plugins. In the second workshop I will show how we can use the ImageJ macro language to write automation for batch image analysis. No prior knowledge of ImageJ, Fiji or macro coding is required

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