'Write for the future' student book launch

Series Name Creative Collective Society
Speaker Nick Palmer and Sara-Jayne Slack
Type Arts & Entertainment
Starts at Oct 19, 2013 01:00 PM
Ends at Oct 19, 2013 04:00 PM
Venue Charles Wilson building 4th floor in the Gartree and Rutland Suite
Open To Public
For Bookings Contact For more information, please contact: bookinaweek@hotmail.com

Some of our talented students from the University’s Creative Collective Society have written an anthology entitled ‘Write for the Future’ that is due to be published by Inspired Quill. A book launch event is taking place to celebrate this achievement.

The overall theme of the book is “the future”, a very broad topic and one that has inspired a wide variety of works.

The book contains poetry, play scripts and short stories. All have been created by our students, and each of these students has their own unique vision and means of expression.

The event will feature: an open-mic session where writers can perform readings of their work; a creative writing workshop with Nick Palmer, a former Leicester student and published author; a talk and Q&A session about the publishing industry from Sara-Jayne Slack of Inspired Quill, the publisher of the anthology and another Leicester graduate; and more!

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