In Vitro Toxicology Society annual meeting

Series Name Sciences
Speaker Multiple speakers
Type Arts & Entertainment
Starts at Nov 04, 2013 09:00 PM
Ends at Nov 05, 2013 05:00 PM
Venue Stamford Court
Open To University staff and students
For Bookings Contact General enquiries: Twitter: @IVTS_uk or

The University of Leicester is hosting the annual meeting of the In Vitro Toxicology Society. IVTS2013 takes place from 4-5th November 2013 at Stamford Court. There are sessions on:

  • High Content Biology
  • Repeated Dose Toxicology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Tissue Modelling
  • Both days feature poster sessions with a prize for the best poster from an early career scientist. Some of the thirteen commercial exhibitors/sponsors will be presenting their latest technological developments in a workshop format. A limited number of bursaries are also available.

    Deadline for abstract submission and bursary applications: 9 October 2013
    Deadline for registration: 21 October 2013

    Details about the Society and how to register for IVTS2013 can be found at

    About the IVTS

    What is in vitro toxicology?
    The discipline of in vitro toxicology studies the effects of toxic chemical substances on cultured cells. For several decades in vitro (literally ‘in glass’) testing methods have been used to identify hazards in the development of chemicals in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetics and consumer products, and food industries. More recently new developments such as computational (often termed in silico) approaches, use of surrogate species such as Zebrafish, and molecular mechanisms of toxicity have broadened the definition of in vitro toxicology.

    The IVTS
    The IVTS was founded under a constitution in 1988 for scientists active in the study, practice or development of in vitro toxicology. The aims of the IVTS are:

    • To encourage alternative approaches to animal testing and promoting the 3Rs
    • To provide a forum for discussion for scientists actively involved in the study, practice or development of in vitro toxicology
    • To arrange scientific meetings on the subject of in vitro toxicology and its practical applications
    • To promote an exacting scientific approach to the practice of in vitro toxicology
    • To encourage participation of new student scientists in the field of in vitro toxicology

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