'Vulnerability and Cultural Heritage I: heritage crime, illicit trade, stewardship and ethics'

Series Name School of Law
Type Conference
Starts at May 09, 2013 09:30 AM
Ends at May 10, 2013 01:15 PM
Venue Charles Wilson Building and Belmont Hotel
Open To Public
Ticket Price £10/free
For Bookings Contact Teresa Rowe email: teresa.rowe@le.ac.uk

Conference from the School of Law. Topics will include:

  • Provenance and price: The invisible hand of the antiquities market?
  • Conditions for guilt-free consumption in a transnational criminal market
  • Trade Fairs: A Marketing Tool for the Sale of Antiquities
  • Loved, listed, looted: crime at the Lady Victoria Colliery
  • Combatting Heritage Crime: Key Findings from the ACE Museum Security Programme
  • Heritage Crime - 'What's the Problem?'
  • Heritage Crime – What’s the Solution? The development of multi-disciplinary approaches
  • Protection of Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis
  • When Is “1970” Not Enough and When Is it Too Much?
  • Evolving U.S. Museum Policies and Practices for the Acquisition of Archaeological Objects
  • The Impact of Money Laundering Measures
  • Money Laundering Measures and Ethical Dealing: the Demands Placed upon High Value Dealers and Museums in the UK
  • Museums and Antiquities after Marion True
  • Black Sea Tomb Raiders and the Practice of International Cultural Exchange: Revisiting the Ethics and Responsibility of Museums
  • The Italian efforts to initiate forfeiture proceedings of the Fano Athelete/Getty Bronze in Italy
  • Illicit trafficking of cultural heritage as a crime. The role of the judiciary
  • Heritage and Development: A view from Central America
  • Indigenous Sacred Objects: Trade and Stewardship Issues
  • Help or Hindrance? The Utility of the Conflict of Laws Process in Claims for the Return of Cultural Objects Wrongfully Removed
  • Prosecuting heritage offences—a cautionary tale
  • Stewardship and moral title: viable legal concepts
  • The Normative Framework of Stewardship: Care and Respect

Thursday 9th, 09.30—18.00 in the Garendon Room, 4th Floor, Charles Wilson Building, University of Leicester; and Friday 10th May 2013, 9.30 - 13.15 in the Rose Room, Belmont Hotel, De Montfort Street, LE1 7GR

Fee: Thursday £10.00

Friday free upon registration

Free to members of the Museums Association, the Collections Trust, English Heritage or staff and research students at the University of Leicester.

Conference organiser: Janet Ulph

Registration queries: Teresa Rowe email: teresa.rowe@le.ac.uk

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