Text and Image in the City

Series Name Centre for Urban History
Type Conference
Starts at May 31, 2013 09:30 AM
Ends at May 31, 2013 05:00 PM
Venue Centre for Urban History
Open To Public
Ticket Price £10 (pay cash on the day) for refreshments and a sandwich lunch
For Bookings Contact To reserve a place email John Hinks: jh241@le.ac.uk

A Book History Research Network Study Day on Print and Manuscript Culture in British and European Towns and Cities.

“During the sixteenth century the business of printing became a constituent part of European urban culture, and this development reinforced the differences between life in the town and life in the countryside. In the course of the remaining five centuries of the millennium, print conquered the world, but also remained a product intimately embedded in urban life: printed matter was manufactured, sold, and largely invented in urban centres.” Printed Matters: Printing, Publishing and Urban Culture in Europe in the Modern Period, ed. M. Gee & T. Kirk (Ashgate, 2002), p. 1.

“In an age of urban mass literacy, the city as place and the city as text defined each other in mutually constitutive ways. […] As the word city acquired more layers, the uses to which words could be put multiplied, enhancing their disorderly potential.” Peter Fritzsche, Reading Berlin 1900 (Harvard, 1996), pp. 1, 4-5.


Caroline Archer (Birmingham City) Paris Underground

Daliah Bond (Aberdeen) Defining the Scottish Chapbook

Gervase French (Leicester) Newcastle's Chapbook Literature

Matt Harle (Birkbeck) Tomorrow’s London

Sandro Jung (Ghent) The Topography of Urban Architecture

Sarah Laseke (Oxford) Scribes in the City

Geraldine Marshall (Birmingham City) Birmingham’s Graphic DNA

Jack Mockford (Hertfordshire/British Museum) Flash Notes

Rathna Ramanathan (Central St Martin’s) London’s Little Presses

Rosa Smurra (Bologna) ‘Studium’, Manuscript Books and Urban Landscape

Plus a talk and display of prints by Sarah Kirby, Artist in Residence, Centre for Urban History

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