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Free Film Screening of Christmas favorite 'Scrooged' starring Bill Murray: part two of a free 'A Christmas Carol' double bill

Free Film Screening of Christmas favorite 'Scrooged' starring Bill Murray: part two of a free 'A Christmas Carol' double bill

Bill Murray in Scrooged

Series Name Dickens on Screen Project - School of English, in association with SPELL
Speaker Kris Siefken (School of English)
Type Arts & Entertainment
When 11 Dec 2013, 04:15PM - 06:15PM
Venue University Film Theatre, Attenborough Building
Open To University staff and students
Ticket Price Free - open to all staff and students of the University
For Bookings Contact No Booking is required but for more info please contact Kris Siefken on

The Dickens on Screen Project - in association with SPELL - are proud to present a special 'Christmas Carol' double bill of films. The double bill continues after an intermission - 3.50pm - 4.15pm - with this opportunity to see the much-loved comedic retelling of Dickens' classic tale: 'Scrooged' starring Bill Murray.

Considered to be one of the best, and most successful, modern updates of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' Bill Murray plays a selfish, cynical television executive whose experiences have left him not believing in the notion of Christmas 'spirit' - even as his own television station is planning a live version of 'A Christmas Carol'. Visited by the spirits of Christmas past, present and future on Christmas Eve Murray's character begins to question his world view and reconsider what Christmas might mean.

The screening will be introduced by Kris Siefken from the School of English, a researcher whose interests cover Dickens and identity in the C19th and the strange 'after-lives' of Dickens' characters. Kris will talk briefly about the enduring legacy of A Christmas Carol and its characters, touching on Dickens' influence on our modern understanding of Christmas and how the story of a Christmas Carol has 'lived on' in myriad other forms - from novels about tiny Tim to zombie versions of the tale. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This Screening will be proceed by the Classic 1951 version of the tale: 'Scrooge' starring Alistair Sim at 2.05pm. Between the screenings there will be an intermission 3.50pm-4.15pm. People may attend one or both of the films as they like.

During the intermission there will be the opportunity to enjoy refreshments and mince pies for those that want (kindly provided by SPELL) in exchange for a voluntary charity donation to Wateraid. When Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in 1843 dirty water and lack of sanitation was a major contributor to adult and infant mortality in the UK. Today it still kills thousands of children around the world everyday. Therefore, in keeping with Dickens' own charitable concerns and in the spirit of the films, Dickens on Screen and SPELL have selected Wateraid as their charity of choice should anyone wish to make a charitable contribution towards refreshments.

To find out more about Wateraid please visit

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