Another award for our Estates and Campus Services team

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Our Residence Life team are recognised for their support for students through the Making Every Contact Count initiative.
Another award for our Estates and Campus Services team

Kirsty and Head of Residential Services Martin Miller

In a fantastic coup for our Residences Team, they were awarded the first ever Residence Life Award at the annual CUBO awards. This new award recognises the growing importance of residence life and activities designed to support students living away from home.

The University of Leicester’s was recognised for its Make Every Contact Count (MECC) campaign which aims to give residence staff a simple way to flag their concerns on a range of issues including mental health, alcohol and drug consumption and sexual health.

Rather than using a time-consuming form, the scheme uses simple postcard sized MECC cards. All employees in the area, from porters and cleaners to managers and directors, were given training on the system and cards.

The scheme has not only been of particular use to those staff who don’t have access to a computer, but has allowed Residence staff to flag potential issues which could very easily have escalated.

One such example was a porter noticing an empty car’s engine running. Instead of just dealing with the car, he also filled in a MECC form. The resident concerned had significant mental health issues and was surprised and grateful to be asked about their health when no one else seemed to notice. This also allowed student support services to follow up and offer their help.

The University was also nominated for three other awards: Leicester Services Partnership in the Innovation in Catering category; College Court for Business Manager/Team of the Year; and Sulets, our student letting partnership for Business Partner of the Year.

Director of Campus Services Kirsty Woodward said: “This is a fantastic achievement, not only to be nominated in so many categories, but to win the inaugural Residence Life award for an initiative that really makes a difference to our students’ experience at University.

“Moving away from home for the first time throws up all kinds of challenges and Make Every Contact Count exemplifies the care and attention that we know our staff give to every single one of our students.”

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