Leicester students win international data analytics competition

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Mathematicians face challenge in Prague
Leicester students win international data analytics competition

Michael Mark (University of Leicester), Petra Tomanova (VSE), Jan Sila (University of Leicester).

A team of two students from the University's Department of Mathematics and one student from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VSE, NL) participated in the 'Applied data analytics challenge in Deloitte' in Prague and won first prize.

Almost a hundred teams applied for the participation and nine teams were selected for the competition, including a team from Oxford and a team from the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The assignment was to solve a Paper Production Problem – to predict prices of electricity and then to optimise paper production in selected countries in Europe. The time given was two working days.

The winning students were Michael Mark (University of Leicester), Jan Sila (University of Leicester) and Petra Tomanova (VSE).

For more details see the competition Facebook page.

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