Thought Leadership: India’s spacecraft makes history, Yes win’s impact on nuclear weapons, and more

Posted by sb661 at Sep 24, 2014 02:55 PM |
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In the latest of a series of opinion pieces, Dr John Bridges (pictured), from the Department of Physics and Astronomy discusses on The Conversation how India has made history and its spacecraft Mangalyaan is now safely orbiting the red planet.      

An additional article from Dr Andrew Futter, from Department of Politics and International Relations suggests on The Conversation that if Scotland had voted Yes we might have been forced to rethink our relationship with nuclear weapons.

A further piece by Professor Martin Parker, School of Management,proposes on The Conversation that there is a time for a manifesto of measures which can restore calm to capitalism.

Another article by Professor Gail Marshall, School of English,questions on The Conversation why gender roles in theatre haven’t progressed further.

Dr Meryl Kenny, Department of Politics and International Relations,discusses on Leicester Exchanges how the Scottish independence issue may potentially return.

And in the latest Management is too Important Not to Debate Blog,Thomas Swann and Konstantin Stoborod, Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Management, reflect on their 2 year effort to bring Anarchist Practices and Management Studies together.

You can discover other thought-provoking pieces on The Conversation ,Leicester Exchanges and Management is too Important Not to Debate Blog.


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