Leicester research team show that heart attack procedure reduces risk of further complications

Posted by ap507 at Sep 02, 2014 09:55 AM |
New study reveals that treating heart attack patients who have two or three narrowed arteries with additional stents reduces major complications within 12 months by more than 50%

A team led by Professor Tony Gershlick (pictured) from the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences and a Consultant Cardiologist at Leicester’s Hospitals has found that the narrowing of arteries with stents can reduce major complications in heart attack patients within 12 months by more than 50%.

The team randomised 296 heart attack patients to two arms of the study. The first arm meant that patients had only the artery that caused the heart attack unblocked, and the second arm had the same whilst stenting other incidental narrowed arteries.

Professor Gershlick said: “30-40% of heart attack patients also have a narrowing in another artery which at that point in time, isn’t causing a heart attack. So, it has always been difficult to know whether to treat the other artery at the same time as treating the blocked artery. Previous data has always been conflicting but there was some that suggested there may be benefits to treating everything all at once, so we designed a study specifically to look into it.”

The study, which was funded by the British Heart Foundation with support from the NIHR, was led by the team in Leicester and also took place in six other hospitals within England.

Professor Gershlick, who is currently presenting his team’s findings at the European Society of Cardiology, the biggest cardiology conference in the world, added: “There needs to be a bigger trial to absolutely confirm these findings but Leicester again will be leading the way.”