Examining the 'China Dream'

Posted by ap507 at Sep 23, 2014 11:26 AM |
First international conference to explore ‘the great rejuvenation of the China nation’ in the UK

Experts on China will be visiting the University for the UK’s first conference exploring ‘The China Dream’.

Hosted and organised by the University's China Studies Research Alliance (ChiSRA) from 24 - 25 September at College Court, the conference, which was founded by Dr Ming Lim from the School of Management, represents a unique opportunity to hear provocative and original research on the subject.

Delegates will explore the latest perspectives on the 'China Dream' – a policy statement first used by President Xi Jinping in November 2012 to denote "the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation".

ChiSRA was formed in 2012 to offer a forum for academics and students to share research interests in China and Chinese Studies and to build and develop relationships with Chinese institutions.

The "China Dream": passions, policies and power, will explore disparate themes and topics, including:

  • How has the 'China Dream' evolved?
  • When, what and how will it play out in the years to come?
  • What are its political, cultural and economic dimensions and implications?
  • How relevant and/or reliant is it on cross-national and cross-cultural contexts of understanding and expression?
  • How will it affect production, consumption and innovation?
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You can watch a video about the project below:

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