Artist at Embrace Arts in London’s Year of the Bus celebration

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Hand painting of cloud formations part of 60-strong convoy
Artist  at Embrace Arts in London’s Year of the Bus celebration

Artist Loz Atkinson gets stuck into painting her bus at Embrace Arts studio, as part of London Transport Museum's year of the bus.

Leicester artist Loz Atkinson’s CumulonimBUS is joining a 60-strong convoy to celebrate London’s Year of the Bus.

Loz’s "CumulonimBUS” has been hand painted with realistic representations of cumulonimbus cloud formations. The work was done at Embrace Arts, the University of Leicester arts centre. Atkinson said: “Being able to paint the bus at Embrace Arts has been a huge pleasure with them being absolutely amazing hosts and looking after us very well… it was definitely a treat to come back and work in such a great environment”

The bus sculptures will be displayed in free and accessible locations across London’s streets, parks and public spaces from 22 September for seven weeks. Following the display, the artworks will be auctioned to raise invaluable funds for three charities: Kids Company, Transaid and London Transport Museum.

Michaela Butter, Director of Embrace Arts, said: “We were delighted to support artist Loz Atkinson by providing her with a venue to create this new work. At Embrace Arts, we are always keen to offer artists opportunities to build their careers and to share pioneering work. It was great to have Loz in residence to develop CumulonimBUS, providing a platform to raise Leicester’s artistic profile within the UK.”

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