Goldfinger: the ‘magic’ marker pen that picks up hidden fingerprints

Posted by ap507 at Oct 06, 2014 05:03 PM |
New fingerprint technologies developed by Dr John Bond to be demonstrated on Wednesday 8 October

A crime-fighting ‘magic’ marker pen that can identify the hidden properties of receipts containing fingerprint deposits within a matter of seconds is one of many innovative gadgets developed by Dr John Bond OBE from the Department of Criminology that will be demonstrated at the Knowledge Transfer Network’s (KTN) ‘Applications of Forensic Science Research and Development Technology Showcase 2014' event on Wednesday 8 October in London.

The pen provides forensic experts, police and criminal investigators with an easy-to-use method of determining whether a receipt, such as those from petrol stations, supermarkets and ATMs, is printed on thermal paper.

The pen works by initiating a chemical reaction on the paper that changes its colour if it is thermal.

Once identified as thermal paper, another gadget Bond will be showing at the event comes into play - a specially designed light source for identifying fingerprints on thermal paper that can be used to catch criminals by the paperwork they have been touching.

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