'Exciting' progress in Blazing Car Murder investigation

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DNA samples from nine families taken for analysis
'Exciting' progress in Blazing Car Murder investigation

Slides contain Blazing Car victim's sample

A forensic team in our Department of Criminology has made 'exciting' progress in their investigation to try and identify the victim of a car fire in Northamptonshire in 1930.

Nine families whose missing relatives match the circumstances surrounding the case are to be DNA tested after details of the case were shown on The One Show earlier this year and new leads were subsequently discovered.

Alfred Rouse was convicted, and later hanged, for murdering his victim in an attempt to fake his own death to solve his money problems. The case was known as 'the blazing car murder' and the victim to this day, has not been identified.

Dr John Bond who is leading the investigation with Dr Lisa Smith said: "We have now sorted through respondents from the One Show and Northants Police and we have asked for DNA samples from nine families.  I expect we will have the results in a couple of months.  For these families we will be able to say their relative was definitely not the victim, or they were.  Either way, this will bring some closure to those involved."

Background on the Blazing Car Murder investigation

BBC Online article - 18/10/2014

Watch a video below which rules out William Briggs as the blazing car murder victim.

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