England's historic statues brought to life in new project

Posted by ap507 at Oct 27, 2014 10:10 AM |
University to assess innovative work that gives statues their ‘inner voice’

The University is a partner in an innovative project that has seen statues across the country ‘come alive’ and ‘speak’ to passers-by.

Arts organisation Sing London has commissioned some of the nation's most celebrated writers and actors to animate 35 public statues across London and Manchester. Pass a Talking Statue, swipe your phone on a nearby tag and hey presto: your phone rings. And it's Queen Victoria on the line... or Peter Pan... or Abe Lincoln...

Using drama, humour and location technology, Talking Statues breathes new life into the statues that surround us all. People can access the monologues though QR codes and short URLs. This means that anyone with a smartphone can listen.

Jocelyn Dodd (pictured), Director of RCMG in the School of Museum Studies said: “We are undertaking the research element of this project and are in the process of analysing data. Our research will examine how people engage with and experience Talking Statues."

The findings will be reported on by the end of October.

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