University Challenge: Leicester's hopes dashed in round 2

Posted by pt91 at Nov 10, 2014 04:45 PM |
Our students took on Trinity College, Cambridge, in the popular TV quiz

The University of Leicester returned to BBC2’s University Challenge last night (10 Nov) as our team of students moved on to the second round of the popular TV quiz show. The last appearance of our team ended in a clear victory for Leicester, but this time they took on defending champions Trinity College, Cambridge. No pressure then.

Sadly, the night ended in disappointment for our team with Trinity's 220 points to our 140, which means we won't go through to the quarter-finals. Their fellow students have shown huge support for the efforts though, and it is still a great achievement for the first team from Leicester to appear on the show in nearly a decade.

Leicester’s team consists of Nidal Masri (BA in History), Robert Greenhill (BA in Humanities and Arts), Archie Barrow (BA in European Studies), Jon O'Doherty (MBChB in Medicine) and Adam Brown (working towards a PhD in Mechanical Engineering). Biographies of the students are available here.