Talking points: a roundup of latest opinion pieces from Leicester experts

Posted by ap507 at Nov 12, 2014 10:55 AM |
From reasons why body image needs regulation to how Catalonia’s independence vote has the power to prompt change, Leicester academics give their thoughts on topical news

In the latest in a series of opinion pieces, Dr Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor (pictured) from the Department of Sociology has written an article for The Conversation discussing the important of regulating body image and how the media indulges our obsession with women’s weight and attractiveness, including being sold images that are far removed from reality and often impossible to achieve, or focusing on women’s looks rather then their achievements.

In addition, Berta Barbet Porta, a Politics and International Relations PhD Student, has discussed how social change can occur after votes for independence take place, looking at Catalonia as a recent example of this.

You can discover other thought-provoking pieces on The Conversation, Leicester Exchanges and Management is too Important Not to Debate Blog.

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