Take a tour of the Solar System on campus

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Students use 3D models across the campus to represent planets in the Solar System
Take a tour of the Solar System on campus

Image shows the scaled down Sun on campus

The University's campus has been transformed into a model replica of the Solar System in order to capture the vastness of space.

Those with an eye for detail may have noticed that the Sun and the planets in our Solar System have been shrunk down into ball bearing form and mounted on walls in a scale that allows them to stretch across the whole campus.

The intention of the 'Cosmos on Campus' project is to give a sense of the vastness of the universe and allow people to get their bearings and see just how big space is and how tiny some of the planets are in comparison.

The project was led by members of the AstRoSoc studenty society within the Department of Physics and Astronomy. It allows people to go on a tour and, in order of distance from the Sun, encompasses Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

The planets are placed on the following buildings on the campus:

  • Along the wall situated between the Bennett Building to the Rattray Building, the Sun to Mars
  • Physics and Astronomy, Jupiter
  • Charles Wilson Building, Saturn
  • Ken Edwards Building, Uranus
  • Danielle Brown Sports Centre, Neptune

‘Cosmos on Campus’ will be in place on the University campus throughout 2014/15, enabling the public to view the 3D models at their leisure.

AstRoSoc is a University of Leicester society dedicated to providing activities related to astronomy, space and rocketry to interested students. It holds regular stargazing events at the University observatory, as well as rocketry and social events.

A video explaining the project is available to watch below:

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