Student group to push for critical management action

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School of Management students form group to inspire responsible management education

Students from the University's School of Management have formed a group working towards the implementation of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (UNPRME). 

The School is signatory of the UNPRME, which aims to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally.

Putting the principles to work in practice, the student group is set to organise events and debates, push for a greener and more inclusive University, and work with teaching staff to ensure that the curriculum meets the students' needs and that graduates are prepared to be responsible managers.

Qamar Khan, a second year student, an associate Tutor with the School and an initiator of the project said: “Why did Government's bail out the banks and not the thousands of families that lost their homes? Why are the rich protected when the rest of us have to sink or swim?

"Our society and our economy has been decimated by the greed of those at the top of corporations and banks. The time has come for us to stand against their desperation to earn money and profits at the expense of the rest of us."

Dr Fabian Frenzel, PRME officer and lecturer at the School added: “Concern has been growing in recent years across the world over management practices that undermine the prospects and prosperity of future generations.  

"The last decade has seen a never ending range of businesses implicated in large scale corruption, fraudulent accounting, labour exploitation, tax evasion, interest rate rigging and ecological destruction. The School is very pleased to see this initiative being taken up by students to implement PRME at the School and the University level.”

The official launch of the student group is to take place on 26 November at 4:00pm in KE 528. Speakers will include Professor Simon Lilley, Head of the School of Management, Dr Stephen Dunn, Lecturer in Social Theory and Consumption, and Aga Florek, President of the Management Society. 

Interested students are invited to come and join the group. Please email your interest or queries to Qamar Khan at

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