Remembrance Sunday: Your guide to the University's First World War commemorations

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Find out how we have been marking the centenary of the First World War

This year, the University has been paying tribute to those who lost their lives in the First World War, with centenary-related events and activities, together with online resources that cover the lives, stories and impact of the First World War not only on Leicester but across the nation.

As Remembrance Sunday draws near, we have rounded up a selection of these below.

You can find out about Leicester’s origins in the Great War, and its role as a living memorial via our dedicated microsite


7th Nov Poppies cropped 300.jpg Staff, students and members of the public have been crafting poppies as part of the ‘Knit a Poppy Project’ which can be found at Entrance 2. BBC Radio Leicester broadcast their afternoon show live on campus on Thursday 6 November as the University prepared for Remembrance Sunday. Listen again to Rupal’s show here

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BBC’s ‘World War One at Home’ project – the University, founded in 1921 as a ‘living War Memorial’, was selected to participate in a national BBC Project. You can hear the story of how the campus became a war hospital and living world memorial of front line heroes here

300x225.jpg ‘The Petal and the Wire’ play – The University’s East Midlands Oral History Archive has teamed up with playwright and Leicester graduate Andy Reeves in a new play which brings the true experiences of Leicester and Leicestershire soldiers during the First World War to life. Performance dates and tickets can be purchased here
CGB259 300.jpg First World War exhibition – the University features in a new exhibition at the Holbrook Memorial Hall in Leicester from 7-9 November.
red.jpg The Fielding Johnson Building participated in a 'Lights Out' event on Monday 4 August and has been lit up red since Thursday 23 October in support of the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal
Sikhs_Mesopotamia_World-War-One-With-Siri-Guru-Granth-Sahib-Ji.jpg The contributions made by Sikh and Commonwealth soldiers during the First World War formed the foundations of a free public lecture, 'Invisible Heroes: The Sikhs and Commonwealth Soldiers in World War One’, which took place at the University on Saturday 18 October organised by the Sikh Welfare and Cultural Society (SWCS).
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Writing the First World War - On Monday 14 April 2014, a conference organised by the British Library, the English Association based at Leicester and the Historical Association marked the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Aimed at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 teachers, the conference provided an opportunity for English and History subject specialists to re-examine their teaching of the First World War.

A new Bookmark series has been launched at the University and by the end of 2014 it is hoped that this series will contain monographs on most of the major poets, novelists and dramatists of the period as well as individual Bookmarks on those records of that time that are central documents concerning the effects of the war on the national consciousness.

A list of useful links and resources is also available via the English Association website.

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To End All Wars: the Graphic Anthology of the First World War - On Tuesday 2 December the University Bookshop will welcome Neil McClements and the University's own Selina Lock, two of the contributors to this unique anthology, to a book signing event. The book is told in 27 short graphic narratives based on actual events, places and people.The 'rebellious' book of comic interpretations both challenges our attitudes to war and humanises the costs of conflict.

Artwork by Arthur Goodman

CGB2227a.jpg As the nation marks the centenary of the First World War, we uncover the history of Leicester's largest arch, well-known to Leicester graduates worldwide, the Victoria Park monument.

First World War Poetry Digital Archive - An online repository of over 4000 items of text, images, audio, and video for teaching, learning, and research. The heart of the archive consists of collections of highly valued primary material from major poets of the period, including Wilfred Owen, Isaac Rosenberg, Robert Graves, Vera Brittain, and Edward Thomas. This is supplemented by a comprehensive range of multimedia artefacts from the Imperial War Museum, a separate archive of over 6,500 items contributed by the general public, and a set of specially developed educational resources.

The image is from The First World War Poetry Digital Archive, University of Oxford (; © [Copyright notice]

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The Fielding Johnson Building reception is hosting a display of materials from the First World War held in the University's Special Collections. The building was home to hundreds of wounded soldiers during the war when it was the 5th Northern Hospital. The display will be in place until Armistice Day on 11 November.


What's in a motto?

A daily reminder of the University's historic beginnings is found in our motto 'Ut Vitam Habeant' - 'So that they may have life'.

Representing the sacrifice of all those who served and died in the Greaet War, the motto holds a double meaning, with education also giving life to all who studied here.


A video and podcast interview with Colin Hyde from the East Midlands Oral History Archive in the Centre for Urban History is available below

The Great War: Lest we forget? - Leicester Exchanges event, 19 February 2014