Latest research on High Involvement Management in the UK

Posted by pt91 at Nov 10, 2014 03:35 PM |
Forthcoming research examines adoption of involvement methods in the workplace

Professor Stephen Wood from our Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures is soon to publish a paper on the nature and location of High Involvement Management in the UK.

Professor Wood, working with Sandra Nolte of Lancaster University Management School and members of the School of Management at Leicester, used data from the UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey of 2011 to analyse the nature of high involvement management and where its elements are found for a study to appear in the Human Resource Management Journal.

The management literature identifies three components of high involvement management – worker involvement, skill and knowledge acquisition and motivational supports – and prescribes that they should be used together. However, Professor Wood’s research shows that in reality they are not.

In addition, the research finds that organisational involvement and skill acquisition is positively related to workplace size while role involvement is negatively predicted. It also reveals that those workplaces pursuing a high-quality strategy, as opposed to a cost-minimization one, are more likely to adopt involvement methods.

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