Academic suggests plastic surgery has led to the objectification of breasts

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Dr Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor suggests that breasts are increasingly becoming a commodity in free public lecture on 4 November

Women’s breasts have long been the focus of visual attention. Whether interpreted as the ultimate symbol of femininity, or sexualised by the male gaze, breasts are an integral part of a woman’s body.

According to Dr Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor (pictured) from the Department of Sociology breasts are increasingly becoming a commodity. The plastic surgery industry continues to grow and breast augmentation remains a popular procedure as women strive for the perfect body.

In 2012, 11,135 procedures for breast augmentations were undertaken in the UK, a 13 per cent increase from the previous year. The ability to buy and sell breasts in such a way positions them as a marketable object similar to other fashion items for consumption, according to Dr Sanchez Taylor.

She will be discussing her ideas surrounding the objectification of breasts on Tuesday 4 November as part of the University of Leicester’s Sound Bites mini lecture series. Taking place at Leicester’s New Walk Museum from Monday 3 – Friday 7 November 2014, each day a series of 10 minute lectures will discuss household objects, such as breasts, mirrors and the rocking horse, bringing social science research to life in a simple, accessible way.

Each lecture will be based on a 500 word original article written by the researchers as part of the University’s innovative Social Worlds in 100 Objects project which showcases the broad range of research across all eight departments in the College of Social Science, offering unique insights into objects in and out of the home.

A video showing Professor Steven King, Head of the College of Social Science, discussing Social Worlds can be viewed below:

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