Are UK classrooms outdated?

Posted by ap507 at Nov 06, 2014 11:10 AM |
Study finds one in three teachers actively avoids using social media

In recent years social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have become vital tools for directly educating their users - and are especially popular among children and teenagers.

However, while social media is becoming increasingly prevalent among younger audiences, University researchers have found that teachers are still divided regarding their own use of social media, with many unfamiliar with or unwilling to use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

To discuss and debate the future of social media for educational purposes children and their teachers from the region have been convening at two events organised by Dr Alison Fox and Terese Bird from the School of Education, one at the University of Leicester and a second at the National Space Centre, as part of 'Social Media In Lifelong Education (SMILE) 2014'.

Activities have included an art competition, voting, a knowledge café and videos relating to studies about these issues to facilitate discussion amongst children and across age groups. This has involved around 150 children aged between 9 and 18.

Alison and Terese have been using the data collected about teacher networking and engagement with social media to present 'The Hashtag' as a controversial object as part of the University of Leicester's College of Social Sciences 'Social World in 100 objects' mini lunchtime lecture series.

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