University of Leicester academics to speak in Parliament

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Leicester experts scheduled to share their expertise for the Industry and Parliament Trust
University of Leicester academics to speak in Parliament

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Academics from the University of Leicester are due to present in Parliament for the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) between July and December this year.

A wide range of topics are on the agenda, from employment to cancer treatment, and forensics to sustainability.

Those currently scheduled to present include Professor Stephen Wood from the School of Management, Professor Paul Monks from the Department of Chemistry and Professor Adam Cygan from the School of Law, as well as colleagues from Criminology, Economics, Infection Immunity and Inflation, Geology and the Leicester Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC).

The IPT is an independent charity that provides a platform for Parliament and UK businesses to engage with one another. It aims to engage, educate and inform in order to create lasting relationships and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for research, Professor Kevin Schürer said: “The need to both communicate research outcomes effectively to non-academic audiences, as well as to apply research as appropriate in policy, cultural, societal and economic terms, is increasingly important.

“In this regard the IPT provides an excellent forum and opportunity to facilitate this by bringing key individuals from the worlds of industry and policy-making together with leading researchers.”

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