Leicester’s ePIFFany project successfully reduces prescribing errors made by junior doctors

Posted by ap507 at May 21, 2014 10:05 AM |
Collaborative project helps junior doctors improve performance

The University, in collaboration with Pfizer and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, has successfully developed and implemented a ‘multifaceted educational intervention’ to increase the skills, knowledge and competence of junior doctors to avoid prescribing errors.

The recent EQUIP study carried out by the General Medical Council at 19 hospitals across the UK found that junior doctors made 8.9 errors per 100 prescriptions across a seven day period; nearly twice as many as consultants, nurses or pharmacists.

This study prompted Health Education East Midlands to pioneer and fund ePIFFany, a project to ensure junior doctors retain conscious control while problem-solving and decision-making when prescribing complex medications.

Dr Rakesh Patel (pictured), NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Medical Education at University and Specialist Registrar in Nephrology at Leicester General Hospital, said: “ePIFFany comprises of four teaching components, including real clinician and patient feedback. It‘s designed to increase the insight of junior doctors into their own behaviour, enabling them to keep focused before the mind ‘switches off’ and leads to avoidable harm.”

Results of the trial showed a 50% decrease of medication errors made by the junior doctors who took part, with no serious errors made at all.

Dr Patel added: “By the end of the four month trial, the junior doctors showed the same performance improvements as those with 12 months of clinical experience which is beyond even our initial expectations for the project.”

Further information about the ePIFFany project can be found here and the winning video can be watched here.