Dogs, bubble wrap and chilli on hand to help stressed students

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Students’ Union offers array of unusual ways to help students deal with exam stress
Dogs, bubble wrap and chilli on hand to help stressed students

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All parents want to wrap their children up in bubble wrap when they go away to university, and now is their chance as the Students’ Union launches a host of stress relieving activities to help students cope with exam stress.

Bubble wrap stations and puppy petting are just two of the innovative ways the Students’ Union is helping to combat exam stress this week. 200 metres of bubble wrap will be placed around the Percy Gee for students to help themselves and on Wednesday (21 May) from 10.30-2.30pm, a number of guide dogs will be on hand for petting to help students take their minds off of their exams.

These activities are part of a wider theme of support the University’s Students’ Union has in place for students during their exams, which also include:

  • Student support group Nightline is giving away 100 free cups of tea a day
  • Student food project ‘Hungry for Change’ have launched recipe bags containing everything students need to cook two meals plus a recipe card for just £3 to encourage healthy eating during the exam period
  • Opening hours have been extended at the student bar and board games have been supplied to help students enjoy a break from their revision and exams
  • A chilli-sowing session and Chilli Growing Competition
  • Education Unit advisors are offering one-to-one appointments and virtual consultations via social media to discuss exam concerns
  • Dedicated quiet spaces for revision on campus

These initiatives follow the success of a mobile petting zoo which came to campus earlier in the year to help students relieve the stress of their January exams.

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