Campus cooking highlights Leicester’s innovative cancer research

Posted by er134 at May 16, 2014 09:55 AM |
Our Spice for Life food range highlights Leicester’s groundbreaking research into turmeric – and the campaign is proving to be a big success

Visitors to our many campus food outlets may well have spotted a distinctive new range of dishes lately – with an intriguingly yellow complexion.

Our Spice for Life food range is highlighting the important work being done by our cancer researchers into turmeric – a key ingredient which gives curry its distinctive taste and yellow colour.

The chemical has now found its way into flapjacks, sandwiches and salads, thanks to a collaboration between researchers in our Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine and our Residential and Commercial Services – and the range has already proved to be a big success.

The project is intended to highlight groundbreaking work being done by researchers Professor Karen Brown and Dr Lynne Howells, who are looking into the potential role of turmeric in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The inspiration for the project came from innovative research, originally funded by the Leicestershire-based charity Hope Against Cancer.

Specifically, they are looking at the properties of curcumin, turmeric’s active ingredient.

The researchers are carrying out trials to see how curcumin tablets can enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Trials have shown that those with turmeric-rich diets – such as the South Asian community – have lower rates of certain cancers, including colorectal cancer.

The range is available at the University’s Library Café, Café Piazza within the Charles Wilson building, the Delic!ous shop and the IV coffee shop in the Maurice Shock Building.

Curcumin-laden dishes on offer include:

  • Apricot ginger and sultana flapjack
  • Smoked ham and Swiss cheese sandwich
  • Fajita bean and guacamole sandwich
  • Three cheese and apple sandwich
  • Goat’s cheese and roasted veg salad