Young learners to view ground-breaking biomedical science firsthand

Posted by pt91 at Mar 14, 2014 05:10 PM |
Local schools invited to tour biomedical research facility during National Science Week - 15-24 March

Young people from around Leicestershire will be given the opportunity to witness for the first time the ground-breaking science going on at our biomedical research facility, housing animals, as part of the Open Labs initiative.

Launching during National Science Week (15-24 March), Open Labs is the start of a national three-year programme, during which time hundreds of young people and their teachers will tour research facilities, meet scientists and veterinarians, and see the animals at the centre of biomedical research, in order to communicate the medical benefits of animal research.

While the biomedical research facility has already been opened to local journalists and interested groups, this will be the first time that local young people will be given the opportunity to understand and engage with the vital research that takes place.

Biomedical research done at the University involving animals has a direct relationship with the treatment of patients in hospitals locally and beyond.  The University is at the fore of developing cutting-edge techniques for heart research and treatment, combating cancer and stroke, and in renal transplant research amongst others.

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