World of forensic science and criminal justice revealed

Posted by er134 at Mar 27, 2014 01:22 PM |
Free course explores how the police use science in criminal investigations and how it interacts with the criminal justice system
World of forensic science and criminal justice revealed

Slide with Blazing Car victim's sample on it. Sample taken by Sir Bernard Spilsbury. Image credit: University of Leicester

Do you have an interest in forensic science and criminal justice? Are you a fan of crime programmes and want to know the real science behind the fictional storylines?

The University, in partnership with FutureLearn, has developed a free online course entitled 'Forensic Science and Criminal Justice' which starts on Monday 31 March.

The course features a mix of video lectures, audio podcasts, articles, and open discussions and has been designed to encourage both independent learning as well as collaborative activities to enable students to explore this exciting topic.

The course aims to give students insight into the real world use of forensic techniques and dispel some of the myths about forensic science perpetuated by fictional portrayals.