Students bring Kurdish festival of Nawroz to campus

Posted by pt91 at Mar 25, 2014 03:29 PM |
University hosts New Year celebrations

The University of Leicester recently hosted celebrations for the Kurdish festival of Nawroz, which marks the beginning of the Kurdish new year while also being celebrated by many other nations.

On the 21 March, the Kurdish Student Society at the University of Leicester hosted the Kurdish New Year, Nawroz, celebrations. Staff from various departments and many native and international students from different backgrounds joined the Kurdish students at their party.

The party began with one of the most popular Kurdish songs, 'Amroji Sali Tazaia Nawroza Hatawa', performed by the Kurdish singer Hassan Zirak. Then, Dana Hassan, an MSc student, delivered a presentation about Kurdish culture. At the party, various types of Kurdish food and sweets were offered to the guests, and the event finished with the performance of different styles of Kurdish dance.


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