Are social concerns over ‘vaping’ greater than health dangers?

Posted by er134 at Mar 13, 2014 12:10 PM |
Leicester Professor discusses future legislation surrounding e-cigarettes
Are social concerns over ‘vaping’ greater than health dangers?

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E-cigarettes may soon be banned in public places due to social dangers, rather than physical dangers to health, says Professor Jason Hughes, from our Department of Sociology.

Hughes will be speaking today (13 March) to staff and students about e-cigarettes as part of the Psychology Invited Speakers Seminar Series.

He argues that future restrictions on ‘vaping’ - a term used to refer to e-cigarette use – will likely be based on social dangers such as it being offensive to others; that it may re-normalise smoking; that it may become a gateway drug to others more dangerous; and on a moral sentiment: that it is wrong for anyone to be addicted to anything, no matter whether there are physical dangers or not.

He adds that new legislation gives consumers mixed and confusing messages about the role of the devices as either ‘healthy alternatives’ that can be used to help quit smoking or as a new form of ‘smoking’.

Listen to Professor Hughes discussing the impact e-cigarettes have on the experience of smoking in our podcast below.


The seminar is not open to the public.