Parental care of the young from 450 million years ago

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Leicester-led scientists discover new species in pre-historic ‘nursery in the sea’
Parental care of the young from 450 million years ago

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An international team of scientists led by David Siveter, Emeritus Professor of Palaeontology at Leicester, has uncovered a portrait of prehistoric parenthood captured deep in the fossil record.

The ‘nursery in the sea’ has revealed a species new to science – with specimens preserved incubating their eggs together with probable hatched individuals.

The find, published in the journal Current Biology, provides conclusive evidence of a reproductive and brood-care strategy conserved for at least 450 million years.  It also represents the oldest confirmed occurrence of ostracods in the fossil record.

Image: The ostracod Luprisca incuba from 450 million-year-old rocks of New York State, USA, with eggs protruding from the rear of the shell and limbs at the front of the animal, as photographed and captured by X-ray CT studies (eggs and possible hatched individuals in yellow). Credit: Siveter, David J., Tanaka, G., Farrell, C. Ú., Martin, M.J., Siveter, Derek J & Briggs, D.E.G.

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