Naomi Allaway all “SET for Britain”

Posted by ap507 at Mar 07, 2014 04:55 PM |
Leicester students to present cancer cell regulation research in Parliament

Naomi Allaway, 25, a PhD student at the Department of Chemistry, will be presenting her research to the Parliament at SET for Britain - an event that aims to encourage, support and promote Britain's early-career research scientists.

Miss Allaway aims to promote her research to the government and to a wider audience which creating a significant impact in cutting edge cancer research in the UK.

Along with Dr Andrew Jamieson and Professor John Schwabe, Miss Allaway’s poster focuses on the utilisation of stapled peptides to regulate growth in cancer cells.

Shortlisted from hundreds of applicants, Miss Allaway will be judged by leading Chemistry and Biochemistry academics. She stands a chance to win a £3000 prize and the Westminster Medal in memory of Dr Eric Wharton; founder of SET for Britain.

Organised by The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee in collaboration with leading national institutions for the advancement of science in Britain; the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Society of Biology, and the Royal Academy of Engineering among others, the event is an opportunity for academics and politicians to put research to practice.

Also joining Miss Allaway from our Department of Chemistry will be Dr Adrian Boatwright, from Nottingham. Adrian’s poster is about a new technique using quantum liquids to manufacture tiny super-strong magnets with potential uses in medicine and Gemma Geary, 25, a PhD student from Worcester. Gemma’s poster is on research into developing novel fluorinating reagents designed to improve the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.

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